Sony Proves New MP3 is Waterproof By Selling Inside Water Bottle

“The proof is in the pudding”. Pudding is an interesting food to wager authenticity on. The importance of this antiquated saying is quite unclear.

Better phrases might say something along the lines of, “The proof is in the glazed donut”, or better yet, “the proof is in the proof alcohol percentage located on that delicious bottle of gin”.

Alas, society is stuck with the former expression.

Sony has taken this “proof is in the pudding” approach in an effort to demonstrate the durability of their new MP3 player NWZ-W270. With the help of Auckland advertising agency DraftFCB, Sony vending machines have been strategically installed on the streets of New Zealand.

This accessible and trending business approach provides necessary exposure for the intent of their visual display. Sony’s newest MP3 player is sold inside individual containers of water to promote that they have the utmost confidence in their 100% waterproof claim.

Dubbed the “Bottled Walkman”, these vending machines are placed near where Sony’s intended target demographic might gather; including gyms, shopping malls, and sporting arenas.

Part of the advertising strategy is to point out the competitive advantage Sony’s MP3 player inhabits in comparison to one of their largest competitors, Apple. There is no denying that Apple is beautiful, but beautiful things are often fragile.

Drop an iPod a few inches from the ground, and the screen resembles an intricate spider-web. Love belting out Mariah Carey in the shower? Not with an Apple MP3 player. The tiniest amount of condensation can completely ruin the speakers.

Sony solves these issues, and dives into a frontier where no other music device dare go, underwater.

Now swimmers have the option of listening to music while working on their stroke, something that wasn’t possible before. The Bottled Walkman successfully opens up a broader sporting consumer base.

For $100, individuals might be hesitant to stuff a Benjamin inside the cash feeder for a product filled with water.  However, the decision might become easier once your iPod decides it has had enough of your sweaty gym session or off key shower serenade.



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