Jennifer Crowe (Taisteal Jewelry) is hosting the curated showcase of the season at The Experiential Space – Abbot Kinney. The locals here, in the epicenter of the Venice shopping scene, are in for a major treat this holiday. Dubbed “the coolest block in America,”(GQ Magazine), the Jennifer Crowe collection is sure to join the hype.


While managing a bead-and-jewelry store for four years, Jennifer spent her free time designing what would become the foundation of the Taisteal brand. Bouncing back-and-forth between her store during the week and a market on the weekends, she built her client base the old-fashioned way; she highlighted her jewelry-making process to customers, inviting them to watch her in action. Succeeding tremendously at the markets, she easily dove into the best trade shows around the country. Jennifer now sells her jewelry wholesale to stores around the country.

Taisteal means “travel” in Irish, and with each line of jewelry she creates, she intends to engage a culture and lifestyle from a unique part of the world.

When it came to establishing this year’s holiday schedule, Jennifer hoped to return to the face-to-face customer interaction that started it all. The up-and-comer aspires to own a boutique in this area, and is using the space she found through Storefront as a trial run. The event is not just about one brand, though. Taisteal will share space with an array of makers, featuring two other jewelers, a panoramic photographer, a home-goods crafter, among others.



Over the years of buying and selling at different markets throughout the country, Jennifer has built an extensive network of creatives that create unique pieces of art and fashion. In an effort to help other artisans that walk a similar path, Jennifer is sharing the space with an array of her fellow crafters, giving them all the chance to showcase their products to eager Venice locals.


Jennifer’s gallery is part of what makes renting retail short term so special – providing a forum for people and brands alike to connect, and create a greater appreciation for the products we see every day. Storefront approved.

The event runs from November 29th – December 23rd – 1306 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California.

Admit it, you need to be there.









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