10 Best Tips For Offline Retail Campaign Ideas

While the internet has taken over the attention of marketing department across the globe, there is something to be said about an effective offline marketing campaign.

This is particularly crucial when it comes to a short-term retail or pop-up retail store setting. Regardless if you’re opening a holiday pop-up shop, a pop-up gallery, or flash retailing your time-frame is already so limited that you need to be able to reach actual prospective clients directly and efficiently.

Now when it comes to tracking your offline marketing campaigns it can be difficult. That is why it’s important to employ time-tested strategies that you can test yourself to see what works best for your location and type of pop-up storefront.

Let’s take a closer look at the Top 10 offline retail campaigns you can incorporate into your own store:

1.Create a piggyback relationship with other businesses in the area: Look into placing an ad inside the mailers of your neighboring businesses. Often they will have already cultivated a relationship with those on their mailing to and for a small fee your ad can get their endorsement.

2. Go the “free” giveaway route: Being that you are in a physical location, it should be something that is both desired and can be held. Tip: boost traffic by limiting the number of free items and be sure to publicize that fact.

3. Content is king, submit a ready-to-go article to a local magazine or newspaper: Printing an article in a local print publication will attract people who are regular local readers of the publication. Local reader = local shopper.

4. There’s a reason they call it direct mail: It’s direct! Put your cool, unique shopping opportunity in the hands of those most likely to attend your pop-up event.

5. Become a sponsor of a local charity or event: When you sponsor a local fundraiser, marathon, or charity event you show your would-be buyers you are part of the community, even if you’re only open on a short-term basis.

6. Get fancy and send tailored ads prospective clients: This is actually easier than you think. Once you have your mailing list all you do is work with your printer to “mail-merge” first names and addresses throughout your mailer.

7. Sell them on your event while they’re on hold!: You must have a call-to-action on all your marketing. If you use a toll-free or local number be sure that you use the time clients may be waiting on the line to tell them about your special event.

8. Pressing the most out of a press release: Capture the essence of your event and send it to a local newspaper, relevant blogs, and social media to capture the most audience.

9. Get loyal customers to help generate new ones: Get those that love you to tell the world about it by writing a glowing testimonial that can be used in all your marketing.

10.Billboards, better yet, mobile billboards: Turn your vehicles into rolling billboards by adding signage that’s visible at all angles. Then, take the long way to work.


(Feature image courtesy of Jenny Ryan)

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