Dazzle Bar, a pop-up breath freshening and teeth whitening service, is popping up all around San Francisco, and transforming the delivery of dental care. Using technology and a modern approach to dental, the startup Dazzle who invented the bar, has a strong focus on prevention and cosmetic, minus the clinical or insurance parts.

In a “testing” phase, the startup trusted Storefront and booked 5+ pop-up store spaces to entice customers in the San Francisco area. We sat down with Lauren Lacayo, Dazzle’s Marketing Manager, to discuss the pop-up store popularity and Dazzle’s pop-up growth strategy.

  • Why is Dazzle choosing the pop-up store route?

We are testing out our concept mostly as we are a start-up. Storefront has been great because we’re able to rent a space for a short amount of time in different locations. We have certain target clients we’re trying to reach and this is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the concept in these areas.

Photo: Dazzle Bar
  • Can you tell us more about the concept?

We want to provide people a quick and easy way to get a quick polish or whitening. It’s meant to be like Dry Bar, in terms of regular maintenance. We want you to come in and pamper yourself…you could do it with your girlfriends or for a night out.

Our co-founders have a good background and have done research in what people, and how people, perceive of their own oral health.

  • Do you think 1 month is a sweet spot for this kind of pop-up? 

Our first month in the Marina was the perfect opportunity for us to test out the location and stabilize. We’ve been using the time to scope our permanent locations in the same area.

  • Which marketing channels do you get the most traction from?

We’ve been lucky enough to have received a following on Facebook and Instagram through ads. We have also chosen locations that have high foot traffic which has helped us cater to walk-ins. Our customers are wonderful at spreading news of Dazzle by word of mouth!


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