Storefront Pops Up For Art Basel Miami Beach

This past weekend, thousands of brands, influencers, artists and consumers flocked to Miami for Art Basel. Featuring an enormous showcase of art, buzz-worthy galleries, and hundreds of parties, Art Basel attracts people from all over the world, and many brands are cashing in on the scene. From influencer events to pop-up stores, retailers have booked spaces through Storefront right in the midst of the action to attract new customers and build their own buzz. Here are a few:

The Fit Executive

The Fit Executive is a concierge service connecting individuals to alternative medicine experts. Choosing this pop-up space in Miami’s Bubble City, the brand wanted to offer a ‘reboot’ bubble to restore energy and mental focus during Art Basel, providing nutritious food, snacks and treatments.

“All of our business is online and our customers wanted something tangible. We have an online boutique where you can buy all the products from the companies we partner with, but we wanted to do something to increase brand awareness and make people health-conscious. Art Basel is a very hectic event and we wanted to create a space to restore,” states Nikki from The Fit Executive. As the brand’s first “retail” experience, they wanted to add a different element to the Art Basel Festivities. “The idea is to have a reboot, (every item is a reboot item) which is revolutionary here, as everyone is into booze,” Natasha Litvinov, the CEO of The Fit Executive, says. 


Lames and Nerds is a Florida-based clothing line that sells crewnecks and hoodies for men and women. The company started in 2016 and chose to pop up for the first time during Art Basel this year.

“I went with Bubble City because it was the most reasonable for space and right next to a major event,” states the LERDS CEO. “This is my first official pop-up store but I’ve done smaller pop-ups at high schools and at their football games, in Downtown Sanford, FL.” 

Popping up from December 3rd to December 9th, the brand wanted to stand out in the Bubble City space. “Different things sell in person and just having the in-store experience gets you closer to the brand,” the LERDS CEO adds. And while he’s thinking about opening a brick-and-mortar location, he admits that’s a “whole different market.”

“I just love how easy [Storefront] is. This is my first real business…and Storefront gave me a better idea of what I was getting into.”

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Arielle Crane
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