Artist Julia Ryan Opens Her Latest Pop-Up Gallery With Storefront

Julia Ryan, a visual artist whose works have been featured in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Palms Hotel & Casino, as well as galleries in Los Angeles and New York, launched her newest pop-up gallery with us last month.  Hosting a week-long show, featuring 17 original oil paintings, Ryan chose this Bowery space for her latest SIGNS exhibition.

We sat down with her to discuss the show and why she thinks it’s important for artists to host pop-up art galleries around the world.

Storefront: What is the idea behind this pop-up gallery and how did it come about?

Julia Ryan: I had been looking to debut my newest oil painting series in an interactive and fully customized environment that enhanced the work. I displayed 17 paintings in my show called SIGNS, with one painting for each zodiac sign and each element. Next to each sign was a mirror so people could see themselves with the traits for each sign written under each mirror. They had the choice to identify with or relate to their signs traits that are written in the stars.

Why did you choose this specific gallery to show your work?

This was a great space in a busy and exciting area that was the perfect size for the amount of paintings I wanted to show.

The space itself was in close proximity to shops, restaurants, subways, and one block away from the New museum. There was a lot of foot traffic as well as accessibility.

As an artist, what is the importance of doing these pop-up galleries to showcase your work?

As an artist it is so important to get your work out into the world and seen! Nowadays artists are less reliant upon galleries to do this for them. I was determined to host my own gallery style show and have full creative control. Renting this space gave me the freedom to do so.

How did you promote this gallery to your audience?

I promoted this gallery to my audience on Instagram, Facebook, and had a Public Relations team blast it on different news outlets in the weeks before the show. As a free exhibition of female paintings by a female painter, it was a great feature for Women’s month.


Looking to rent your own pop-up in Nolita, NYC? Book one today!

Arielle Crane
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