After you’ve booked your short-term space, activating it with the right concept and design is key. Whether you want to keep it minimal, or decorate it according to your brand story, there’s plenty of transformative ways you can take an empty storefront and make it work for your short-term goals. From popular candy brand MARS Confectionary, to plant brand Truffaut, taking advantage of your space to execute a perfect campaign and launch is simple with just a few tips to keep in mind.


MARS transformed a Times Square space into a pop-up candy salon.

  • The challenge: to show all of its candy products in one big space
  • Decoration tip: look for a store that already has character, so you can just add to it
  • The ‘Wow’ effect: introducing its products on the floor in fun ways by incorporating them into the store’s ‘beauty-spa’ theme
  • What we love: the brand used the features of the space to highlight it’s store concept

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The Dutch company used the popularity of the Easter holiday to launch it’s pop-up store, a 45m² space, in le Marais, Paris.

  • The challenge : to optimize a narrow, small space
  • Decoration tip : optimize a whole wall with colorful design elements
  • The ‘Wow’ effect : the ball pool in the middle of the store, and the photo booth
  • What we love : the Easter theme perfectly executed in every corner of the pop-up store


The french gardening brand Truffaut took up a 200m² space last Winter from November 18th to December 9th, 2017 in le Marais, Paris for a Christmas-themed pop-up store.

  • The challenge : to make this otherwise empty storefront into a warm and cozy Christmas retreat
  • Decoration tip : using trompe l’oeil wallpaper to create a great effects, at a lower cost
  • The ‘Wow’ factor: the abundance of products (it’s Christmas after all!)
  • What we love : the effort the brand put in to create a space where customers feel at home: “a magical experience” states the brand’s Communications Manager.

4. Leboncoin
Choosing a space located right on Boulevard Haussmann, online sales giant Leboncoin opened it’s first pop-up store, named ‘The fabulous history of second-hand toys” in December 2017.
  • The challenge : bring out the brand’s DNA in a seamless way
  • Decoration tip : pay attention to details and accessories, even the ceiling lights to create a subtle yet profound difference
  • The ‘Wow’ factor : with orange lights, and a plethora of toys, everything was carefully orchestrated
  • What we love : the writing on the walls which made an awesome effect
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