Check Out the British Beauty Brand Popping Up In London’s Burlington Arcade

Code8 is a new beauty brand created around the idea that “there’s more to life than just make-up”, founded by friends Nadine Ayache and Sophia Chikovani. The brand is about smart makeup and an edited curated collection for today’s high pace life, with a mission to simplify make-up and enable women to find their beauty self-confidence. The brand is using pop-up stores to spread awareness and build community.

Storefront spoke with Nadine about their pop-up success so far, and why she’s thinking of hosting more pop-up stores this year.

As a new online brand, why do you think a physical presence is still key?

We launched our makeup line at the end of November – we always wanted to have a physical presence as makeup is very touch and feel. Burlington Arcade is our second pop-up store and we want to introduce a whole movement of being your own self, embracing your own beauty, and bringing back your individuality. Everyone has their own code of beauty.

Your first pop-up store was in Covent Garden. Does the shop in Burlington Arcade have the same layout/interior?

We were given the Covent Garden pop-up space in a white-box finish, it was white and modern, so we tried to ‘darken’ the mood. With this Burlington Arcade shop, we felt it was more townhouse-y; both feel like two different homes with different interiors but we do have some furniture and pieces that are mobile on purpose because we knew we’d pop up a few times in 2019. These mobile pieces bring the brand together and maintains the consistency.  

How is the foot traffic in Burlington Arcade?

The footfall is good; people walking by will come inside, though sometimes it might take them a second walk past since we’re a new brand. But, once people do walk in, 99% of them will make a transaction. So the minute they come in, they love the brand and buy [our products]! Customers also seem to love that we’re coming to them as opposed to them having to come to us. When they come in they’re happy with the experience we’re providing, especially since the Arcade doesn’t traditionally sell makeup, so we want to create a whole new shopping experience for customers. 

Inside the pop-up store experience

Throughout the pop-up store, you can treat yourself to a complimentary express makeover or shop the brand’s unique edits. You can choose to buy pre-selected edits of lip color themes in different finishes, or create a personalized full make-up edit box.

Any tips for new brands looking to pop up?

Word of mouth is important. When we moved pop-up store locations, customers had to follow us on social media to find out where we went, so it can be tricky in that sense!

Ready to pop up in West End? 

Arielle Crane
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