Naked Dough Pops Up In London’s Camden Market

Naked Dough, UK’s first edible cookie dough café, started over a year ago by founders Jen and Hannah. Inspired by NYC’s popular DO, and starting in a small kitchen, the brand has grown in the last year, making its one-year pop-up debut in London’s Camden Market, and marking its third physical location!

Storefront sat down with Naked Dough to discuss their pop-up strategy and why they’re excited to break into Camden.

Why did you chose to launch in Camden this year?

We knew we wanted to launch a third site in a London hot spot. Camden seems like a great place. It harks back to old street, underground roots. Our previous location in Westfield is a corporate shopping center so we wanted somewhere which hit the target market of tourists, plus a fun, quirky place. It’s got loads of interesting and different traders, and is such a lovely historical place in London.

Plus, the landlords at Camden were really nice! Our stall is right near the entrance, with 30% of footfall traffic coming and going through that gateway. Especially in the height of the Summer with 400k tourists a week going there that’s a huge amount of the people coming into the market who will see our shop.

Talk to me about what you envisioned for the space.

Our first day open to the public was July 20th; we had a whole day planned of free cookie dough, so anyone who came got a free cookie dough and ice cream! We’re also looking to partner with different brands and launch different partnerships which will be exclusive to this location as well.

What has been the best part so far about popping up in Camden? Are you surprised by anything so far?

We just love the energy and vibe at Camden Market – it fits Naked Dough so well, we feel. We had a feeling it’d be a great location for us but I guess it’s been a pleasant surprise that the kiosk has been so successful and busy since opening.

What kinds of events do you have coming up in the store? Anything for the Fall to get people excited about?

We’re about to launch a brand new dough that we think will be a little bit of a game changer – watch this space! And we LOVE Autumn and Hallowe’en so look out for some Special Edition doughs and flavors appearing on the kiosk.

What’s great about the specific market area that you chose to have the store located?

The bustling vibe – we get people from everywhere and every walk of life coming up to the stall – people on their way to work, tourists, shoppers… It’s also so great to be surrounded by so many other fabulous food stalls – particularly as many of them offer a savory option, so we can provide dessert!

What’s up next for Naked Dough?

We’d love to have a central London location and small pop-up stores as well, that model really works for us! It’s such an open book there’s so many different possibilities.

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Arielle Crane
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