Cadbury Says ‘Thank You’ With edible Flowers in its Pop-Up store in Soho Square

Cadbury gave away bunches of edible flowers in a Soho Square pop-up store, powered by Storefront. The initiative, titled “Thanks A Bunch”, was created by PR agency Golin and Bearded Kitten and celebrated the importance of saying thank you.

Inside the ‘Florist’ Shop

Taking over this pop up square in SoHo, the shop featured three Cadbury’s roses chocolates and tapped legendary London florist Augustus Bloom who creates a beautiful bouquet from them. The bouquets and single-stem edible roses are offered for free on a first-come, first-served basis, and visitors are encouraged to add a message of thanks to their bouquet.

The space itself is located inside of an 18th Century Town Home and is spread over multiple floors, with multiple rooms that have been newly refurbished. Adorning the store are real flowers, succulents, a long wooden table where the roses are offered, and ‘thank you’ cards on display in the large street-facing window as inspiration for both customers walking in and passersby. With the space dripping in flowers, the brand successfully created an ideal place for people to pick up a unique present for a loved one.

The Initiative

Cadbury reveals over three quarters (79 per cent) of UK residents believe that the true art of saying ‘Thank You’ is being lost. No stranger to pop-up stores – especially with an altruistic twist – Cadbury launched this campaign in conjunction with its first ad spot in 20 years following a young boy who shows his appreciation through Cadbury roses. The brand wanted to impress the importance of physical gestures, in the age of digital communication. With this physical space, Cadbury is showcasing the power of a proper ‘thank you’ and the effect it can have on people.

In the beginning of the year, Cadbury launched another pop-up store where consumers could trade in their knick-knacks for a bar of Dairy Milk in Soho. It was designed to ‘give generosity back to the people of Britain’ and tied in with it’s “Mums Birthday” ad.

These experiential initiatives in the UK are a way for the brand to not only sell product, but to rally customers around the notions of kindness and generosity. The ‘Thanks A Bunch’ chocolate florist pop-up store shows off Cadbury’s Roses in a creative way, and successfully uses the pop-up space to attract consumers and build buzz.

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Arielle Crane
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