Pop-Up Store: 5 Golden Rules for Attracting Media Attention

Though temporary, pop-up stores are flexible enough to bring any concept to life and create an element of surprise, seducing consumers and journalists in equal number. For the latter, every pop-up store tells a new story and provides an opportunity to produce quality content before, during, and after the event – through photos, videos, and interviews.

Whatever the force driving your event – the launch of a new product, a new brand positioning, or a new partnership – here are 5 tips to ensure your pop-up store is a hot topic for the media.

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  1. Spot the Evergreen Content

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day… these topics act as evergreen content for journalists to use, settinghe yearly pace for the press cycle. This allows journalists to produce content that is consistent with the expectations and needs of their readership – and your consumers.

A perfect example comes from the brand HEMA, who, just in time for the holidays, opened a cleverly constructed pop-up store dedicated to the Easter Egg Hunt. In a similar vein, Truffaut drew upon the magic of Christmas to open a pop-up store in the spirit of the season’s festivities.  

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  1. Outshine the Competition

The more conceptually innovative your pop-up store is, the bigger the buzz surrounding it will be. The team at Leboncoin (the French equivalent of Gumtree) got it right when developing a whimsical museum where, for a few days only, visitors were free to explore a playful mis-en-scène of second-hand toys and games. Vintage objects, burlesque quotes, and word play all helped create an interactive format. This kind of pop-up event follows a single-minded strategy: to adopt an ethical approach consistent with a brand’s positioning and then communicate it in a unique way, producing a story that isperfect in  attracting the attention of journalists.

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  1. Add a Touch of Exclusivity

Pop-up stores offer the ideal space for unveiling a unique line or product, especially for brands like Bergamotte, an e-commerce business specializes in flower bouquet deliveries. The brand used a pop-up space at the end of the year to publicize and market an exclusive offer  to the general public: the delivery of large-sized plants. It generated valuable content for the media, who were eager to communicate some super fresh and exclusive news from the brand.

  1. Relocate for Impact!

Journalists are interested in covering the neighborhoods you choose, because location expresses your brand’s core strategy. With a department store in the vast 13th arrondissement of Paris, the brand Truffaut made the strategic decision to convert a small apartment in the Marais – a charming quarter famous for its trendy retail stores – into a pop-up space.  “This location gave us the chance to offer something on a smaller scale, something more welcoming,” explains Géraldine Maurizi, Director of Communications for Truffaut Paris.

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  1. Organize a One Day Event

This is another tried-and-true strategy that always works. Inviting the press and influencers into a pop-up space for a whole day allows you to present your concept in a targeted way and gives them the chance to take photos and interview you on the spot. For the opening of its pop-up store near the Rue Saint-Honoré, Il Bisonte organized a Western-themed cocktail party in line with its brand DNA, so that it could directly communicate its concept to the media.

A key part of this strategy involves paying close attention to detail with respect to your invitations, speakers, and the program for the day. Don’t skimp on things like balloons, press gifts or goodie bags, theme-appropriate attire for hosts and the provision of food and beverag –  now is the time to pamper them! Plus, to make the most of the day, plan to have high-resolution photos you can give your guests afterwards.

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