Online children’s fashion resale platform uses pop-up stores to increase visibility and spread its message of sustainability

Retykle, the online retailer for second-hand designer kids clothing, recently ran its latest pop-up store in Hong Kong.

The retailer, which specialises in second-hand children’s fashion, uses pop-up stores to increase visibility and reach new customers who can then use its online platform to buy and sell designer brands.

It’s a message of sustainability that has resonated well with its customers since its founding in 2016 and Retykle is now the largest resale platform in Asia for buying and selling designer kids, maternity and babywear fashion. The online platform features over 2,000 high-end children’s brands from across the globe including Bonpoint, Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Moncler, Vilebrequin and Jacadi.

Retykle was founded by Sarah Garner to make buying and reselling great quality baby, kids  and maternity clothing as convenient and as stylish as buying new.

Sarah said: “Retykle’s mission is to empower parents to conveniently reduce children’s fashion waste and positively impact the future for our little ones.”

Since its launch, Retykle has recirculated over 150,000 items of kids clothing and helped to donate over 30,000 items to local charities. By shopping secondhand, the brand’s customers have saved 407,100 lb. of carbon (equivalent to the amount 8,480 trees absorb in one year) and 313M litres of water (equivalent to 1,252,000,000 glasses of water). 

In June, Retykle’s commitment to protecting the environment went further with the certification of being carbon neutral, a label earned by companies that offset and reduce all greenhouse gas emissions. 

Pop-up stores and Retykle

Pop-up stores have been an integral part of Retykle’s success as they provide the perfect opportunity to meet customers and introduce new people to the platform and Retykle mission.

Sarah said: “Pop ups are an integral part of our marketing strategy and part of the omnichannel experience that we want to provide to our customers. A pop-up store offers us the opportunity to increase our visibility and attract new customers who in turn get the chance to see physically the exceptional quality of our products. The physical in-store experience can be a great way to overcome any first time apprehension about purchasing secondhand and create new brand fans and converts to the circular economy. With a physical presence, customers are immersed in a secondhand shopping experience that feels as good as shopping new items, if not better.

“It is also an opportunity to engage directly with our customers, meet new people, explain our concept and develop a trusted and personalised relationship. 

Retykle’s latest pop-up store, which Storefront sourced, was in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Sarah said: “We chose the location based on the demographics of our customers and our goals in terms of target market. Our pop up is located in a prime area in the heart of Causeway Bay, just near Time Square. We have chosen a highly visible location with a lot of foot traffic to help us attract new Retyklers and brand visibility. 

“It’s one of the most crowded and central areas of Hong Kong and one of the most famous places for shopping in Hong Kong.”

Storefront CEO and co-founder Mohamed Haouache said: “It was great to be able to work with Sarah and Retykle by helping them find such a good location for their pop-up store.

“Retykle such a great business with a really positive message. Sustainability is such an important challenge for the fashion industry and Retykle is really making a difference.”

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Sarah said: “We already successfully collaborated with Storefront on several other pop-up stores before so we are repeat customers and vouch for their service. We find the working relationship smooth and relieves some of the headaches that can be associated with short term leasing.”

The latest store is just the next step in Retykle’s expansion plans. Using pop-up stores allow the online platform to introduce the concept to new customers and build a personalised, long term relationship with its community.

Sarah said: “Pop-up stores are part of the omnichannel experience we want to deliver to our customers. Our plans are to expand throughout Asia and beyond to bring our service to parents everywhere. We will begin our global expansion via Singapore in the coming months.”


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