How This London-Based Designer Is Scaling Her Pop-Up Showrooms

Lulu Sophia London knows a thing or two about the power of pop-up stores. After opening up a pop-up store with Storefront for four months in Marylebone, the brand just booked another shop on King’s Road that’s already gaining a ton of buzz.
The brand, founded by Lulu Sophia, sells luxury designer silk scarves, dresses and wraps, all illustrated in water-colours. Her latest opening on King’s Road features a rose gold and peach themed store with an exclusive designer collection.
We spoke to Lulu Sophia about this new store concept and why she believes in the power of pop-up shops.
Storefront: What is the concept behind your pop-up store?
Lulu Sophia: [We created] a colourful and romantic boutique for new designers locally and internationally. We curate our brands based on season, colour coordination, location and clientele. We have new brands such as start up fashion designers and established brands that already have a large presence in retail or on line.
Why did you choose this pop-up space and location?
Chelsea is an affluent district; it’s young, trendy and an important shopping street.
Why did you choose to pop up for months as opposed to a few days or weeks?
We had a [specific] budget for the interior and design of the store, and it made more sense to take the space for a 3 months period (plus the option to extend!).
How did you go about designing this pop-up space?
Our colour palette and scheme is mainly pale pink, peach and rose gold, because we wanted to distinguish ourselves from most other multi-brand pop-up shops, and give it more of a high-end and established boutique feel.
The framed painting scarves adds an art gallery look to our space, and that coupled with the pastel watercolours, results in our space being full of colours & a pleasant romantic feel. We were also intentionally more playful with our displays because we wanted to stand out in the street. The public responded well to our branding!
We’ve planned for each of the Summer months decorations to be themed. For April, we have bunny mannequins and eggs for Easter, for May we will add more florals to celebrate the Chelsea flower show,  June will have lemons and oranges and tropical fruits throughout the store, and seashells will be the theme for July!
What are your next pop-up plans?
We’d like to plan for a Christmas pop-up shop in a more prestigious location, and maybe even venture out abroad [to other cities!].
Arielle Crane
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