Rue Saint Paul’s Month Long Pop-Up Debut in Downtown NYC

Rue Saint Paul, the women’s online lifestyle brand founded in Brooklyn by Kelly Wang, just opened its first-ever pop-up store in Canal Street Market. The collection itself includes women’s luxury clothing, accessories, beauty products, plus home and interior designs, from designers all over the world.

Choosing the Canal Street Market pop-up venue, Wang wanted to feature the entire online collection in a physical space, and organized it based on the product’s country of origin – featuring works from Paris, NYC, and Bali to name a few.

We sat down with the company’s founder to discuss more about the pop-up shop’s mission, and success so far.

  • Please describe your brand a bit more. 

Rue Saint Paul is a new luxury lifestyle brand with a mission to help women live beautifully, support emerging labels, and inspire global discoveries. We are big believers that fashion should be beautiful, slow, and kind. We curate pieces from around the world that are made in small batches, by hand, and of sustainable materials.

  • Why did you decide to pop up during NYFW? What are you hoping to get out of this pop-up store?

NYFW is the perfect time for us to tell the story of our brand and pieces to our customers in person. I started the company about 3 months ago and decided to do a pop-up mainly as a marketing, get-my-name-out-there strategy – and engage with customers to get feedback, test products and gather new ideas. I also wanted to test drive running a physical store – so understanding all the logistics involved, trying different space designs, etc.

Generating sales is not a top priority, but with this high traffic location, I’m sure it will generate good sales!

  • What qualities appeal to you about pop-up stores? 

For us, pop-ups are all about interaction, feedback, and experimentation. As a brand that is looking to grow from e-commerce to brick and mortar, it is important that we are able to test out our retail strategy before making a significant investment in a permanent location of our own. The feedback and learnings from our pop-ups help to guide our overall retail direction.

  • Describe the process behind finding and location the perfect pop-up space.

Storefront greatly streamlined our pop-up search. In a city like New York where there are so many pop-up opportunities, it can be a significant undertaking to find a space that fits our pop-up needs. With Storefront, the process was a breeze. With access to informative photos, amenities, and availabilities, we were able to sort through and find the right place for us in much less time than expected. We were then able to dedicate our time to what mattered the most, planning and getting the word out about our pop-up!

What’s next for your pop-up tour?

I’ve booked a larger space – about 300 sq ft – for May and plan to show more products from the collection, plus  invite some partners to join and even host a few special events. Stay tuned!


Create your own pop-up in NY today!

Arielle Crane
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