5 E-Commerce Brands Who Recently Launched a Pop-Up Store with Storefront

Digitally native companies are increasingly testing pop-up stores around the world to drive buzz, increase visibility and test new concepts. From giants like Amazon, to smaller e-tailers like MM.LaFleur, Storefront has helped hundreds of e-commerce brands pop up this year in cities like New York, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam.

For these retail brands who started their business online, a physical retail presence is helping to drive more foot traffic, increase sales and even open a more long-term brick and mortar space. Here are 5 of our favorite e-commerce brands that opened pop-up stores from this year.

1- Rue Saint Paul

Rue Saint Paul is a new luxury lifestyle brand with a mission to help women live beautifully. They curate pieces from around the world that are made in small batches, by hand, and of sustainable materials. The brand is now testing pop-up stores to tell the story of the brand and pieces to customers in person, and to test out their retail strategy before they make an investment in a permanent location of their own.

The brand popped up in this space in Soho’s prime Canal Street Market, for the month of February.

2- Amazon

The e-commerce giant has been testing pop-up stores since last year, and turned to Storefront to host its first-ever pop-up store in Amsterdam to learn more about its Dutch consumers. Having just launched Amazon Prime in the Netherlands, Amazon was keen to “see what would happen if we popped up in Amsterdam,” states Nick Caplin, Amazon’s Head of European Communications, and to build relationships with its customers there.

The purpose of the pop-up store “was to have a physical presence where we could meet with media and partners and influencers, and most importantly with customers to try and understand more about what they want with their relationship with Amazon,” Caplin adds. Caplin goes on to state that the brand popped up in Amsterdam to show that they care about their Dutch customers and show there’s a lot more to the company than being a tech giant. The store was open for two days and “ beat its targets for the amount of people attending”.

3- MM.LaFleur

MM.LaFleur, the popular clothing line for professional women, has been on a pop-up world tour in the last few years, making stops all over the country to expand its retail concept, drive foot traffic and launch its showroom pop-up spaces. We spoke with their Director of Retail last year to get the inside scoop on its retail launches and her tips for opening a pop-up store were: “they need to be impactful, create a sense of urgency, and be a value add for the customer.

Each of the company’s pop-up showrooms are designed so customers can come in and work one-on-one with a stylist and create a productive, stress-free shopping experience.

4- The Reset

The Reset was born out of a need for effortless, flattering and affordable clothing. It launched in May 2018 and has since been focusing on physical pop-up locations to increase visibility, brand awareness, and sales. While testing out several standalone pop-up stores, the brand has also been recently collaborating with Bloomingdales to open up pop-up concepts. and just booked this Storefront space in San Francisco for 6 months, encouraging customers to “start their Reset” and introduce popular, everyday essentials. 

5- Code8

New beauty brand Code8 is popping-up in the heart of London’s Mayfair at the Burlington Arcade, a historic landmark. The brand, launched last November, was created to simplify make-up by curating universally flattering colors to suit every skintone. The brand was founded by Nadine Ayache and Sophia Chikovani, who set out to simplify the world of cosmetics for consumers, and are set to launch even more pop-up stores in 2019. In this Storefront-powered space, the brand has successfully executed a space that’s been drawing tons of consumers with lots of offerings and experiences in store. 

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Arielle Crane
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