The Reset Is Betting Big On Its San Francisco Based Pop-Up Store

The women’s empowerment digital platform,, launched a direct-to-consumer apparel line last year to inspire women in need of a wardrobe ‘reset’. While its online community provides inspiration, information and ideas on how to reset one’s life after major life changes, the brand has successfully delved into brick-and-mortar stores to expand brand awareness and boost sales. Their newest pop-up venture is in this Storefront-powered retail space in San Francisco, where the brand has surpassed its own business expectations and renewed its lease in hopes to keep the momentum going.

We spoke with their team for more insight into their pop-up success and top tips for other direct-to-consumer businesses interested in popping up. 

  • What was the concept behind this pop-up store?

The concept behind this brick and mortar pop-up is to be a physical extension of our brand experience, allowing our customers, new and returning, to touch/feel/experience our clothing first hand. The minimalist design of our stores showcases and highlights the ethos of our brand – a curated and versatile collection that takes the stress out of dressing. A simplicity that coordinates with your life.

  • How is it different from selling your products online only? What is the added value?

The online retail space is an exciting and rapidly growing area, but is becoming increasingly saturated with emerging brands. Our brick and mortar boutiques allow us to differentiate ourselves by engaging with our customers in a physical way, a place for them to touch, feel, and interact with the brand. It is a three-dimensional extension of who we are. We quickly learned that customers still love the experience of discovery when shopping in a physical space and being able to see first hand the quality of our pieces – from our cashmere sweaters to Japanese vegan leathers.

  • What are, according to you, the 3 keys of a successful pop-up store?

The 3 things we look for and prioritize in any of our pop-ups are:

  1. Location, location, location! Our pop ups are a key marketing platform for us and as such, the location is of the utmost importance. We want to be in neighborhoods that feels cohesive with our brand and has great foot traffic.
  2. The physical space of the store needs to be in line with our aesthetic. Since pop-ups are by nature short-term, we look for spaces that can cost effectively represent our brand from the elevated aesthetic to the welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Offering a product and experience that is unique and additive to the neighborhood. Each of our pop-ups brings an excitement and sense of discovery to the neighborhoods we’ve gone into that draws both existing customers and new.

  • What has the feedback been from your clients?

Many of our clients love the experience of touching and feeling the product in real life. Shopping is an experience, not just a task, and we’ve really created a space where they can feel comfortable and inspired whether it means reseting with one piece or a whole wardrobe.

  • Why did you choose to pop-up in San Francisco?

San Francisco is where The Reset was founded a little over 3 years ago. It’s our home and so much a part of our design ethos and who we are. Being a female founded startup, SF is one of the most exciting cities in which to launch and market our brand. It’s a city that truly embraces innovation and discovery.

  • Any in-store tips to drive more customers?

Events and monthly activations are important marketing tools we use to draw foot traffic as well as repeat customers. Our events range from partnering with other women founded startup brands with a like-minded mission to hosting speaking panels that discuss topics relevant to the modern woman. The retail space today is not just a place to shop, but to also discover and experience new products or ideas.

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Arielle Crane
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