There’s nothing like Summer in New York City! The city attracts over 15 million visitors each Summer looking to take in the sites and of course, shop! From huge Summer events like NYC Pride, the Fourth of July, and Celebrate Brooklyn!, tourists love visiting the city and taking in all it has to offer, despite the heat! Plan a new retail activation or pop-up store during this time of year to ensure tons of foot traffic, media attention, plus an increase in sales.

Pop up in any one of NYC’s popular shopping destinations:
Lower East Side


SoHo, named after its location “South of Houston,” is the epitome of all that New York art and design has to offer, with its trendsetting galleries and stylish boutiques. Plenty of big box retailers and up-and-coming e-commerce brands pop up in this tourist hotspot to attract the attention of shoppers and make a mark. It’s the quintessential NYC spot to rent a pop-up shop, establish your brand and boost sales!

Rent a pop-up store in SoHo :

Huge Pop-Up Shop in Manhattan

Pop-up shop SoHo Manhattant

Spacious showroom and rooftop in SoHo 

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is a historically trendy and artsy area of NYC that has attracted both gallery-goers and the fashion ‘It’ crowds for years. It’s also a highly popular retail location that boasts hundreds of stores on its streets and plenty of high foot-traffic. It also has tons of trendy bars and nightclubs, plus cafes and restaurants that are well-known around the world. Pop up in the Lower East Side to impress both new and old customers and make a big splash this Summer!

Our top Lower East Side spaces:

Penthouse to rent in Lower East Side

nyc penthouse to rent

Pretty gallery in Manhattan 


Williamsburg is the Summer hot spot. Located just off the Bedford L in Brooklyn, this neighborhood is growing rapidly and has drawn tons of crowds especially in the Summertime who love attending the rooftop parties on Wythe Avenue, plus Smorgasburg each Saturday. Lots of retail spaces line the ever-popular Bedford Avenue where both traditional shops plus trendy boutiques benefit from the high foot-traffic and tourist clientele.

Book your next pop-up boutique in Williamsburg :

Event space in Williamsburg

Event space in Williamsburg

Pretty boutique in Williamsburg

What are the advantages of launching a pop-up store in NYC this Summer?

  • High brand visibility
  • Tons of foot-traffic
  • Lots of potential customers
  • Increased brand awareness
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