Emerging E-tailer Cherry Moon Opens A Pop-Up Store in Chelsea

The Cherry Moon, a fashion e-tailer selling both luxury and independent brands, just opened its first-ever pop-up space with Storefront on King’s Road. As the first physical store for the e-tailer, the brand is keen on using this pop-up space to not only showcase its impressive roster of brands, but to host events and act as a community-building space.

As this is The Cherry Moon’s first time blending both online and physical retail, its founders Jevz Nair and Elisha Carter are hopeful about its King’s Road presence, and are already looking to expand it both in the UK and internationally. Storefront sat down with Carter to discuss the brand’s short-term pop-up goals and the reason why she decided to dip into physical retail.

Storefront: Why did The Cherry Moon decide to pop up?

The Cherry Moon: We decided to have a concept store to complement our own platform because we’ve had interest from international designers who were asking us if they could find pop-up stores to have their designs stocked in. The idea was to open a physical store [on King’s Road] to showcase their products as many of these designers are not known on the High Street. Plus, people want to go into the store and try things on before wanting to buy!

It also gives shoppers the opportunity to see the certain items we have stocked [online], so they’ll see it and say”OK, maybe I’ll buy it online!” This gives the customer the trust that they know exactly what they’re buying, plus the quality of it. You can’t get away from those types of customers; I’m like that as well!

How do you choose the designers you feature online?

I look for designers that will fit well on our platform; usually picking out ones that have something different! It’s about their brand story and concept and image; not just what they’re selling. I’ll go to trade events, find them through Instagram, or some will approach me as well. We’re now being more selective, since we don’t want thousands on our platform!

How did you choose the designers and products you’re featuring in this pop-up shop?

For the designers that will be showcasing with us in-store, I go through their products online and choose what I would like to stock, what I think would suit or sell. I pinpoint the best sellers. I usually will start with limited pieces to see how they sell, and then we want to add things on as they go! This gives consumers a taste of what’s available, and gives them more to discover each time.

Can you explain a bit about the pop-up concept?

The way we envision our concept, with designers selling their clothes to consumers, is our store will be a place for our designers to host things like a particular launch or fashion show presentation or events surrounding certain topics they want to make some noise about, such as homelessness or sustainability. We also want major brands to come into the store and offer customers incentives and complimentary services, basically things or moments that are not stocked in-store.

We also want to make our store a go-to place; the visuals are going to be pretty and Instagrammable. We’re inputting things like a lovely swing and a tiny tea bar. We’re offering a VIP experience as well. We want shoppers to sit down, take a picture, have coffee or tea, and just feel really at home while they’re shopping. We want them to have a welcome feeling, with something special always there for them!

What do you love about the pop-up space?

I love this space! The window display is absolutely stunning, and the contemporary, clean, simple, chic design of the space is fantastic. We don’t want to lose that airy, minimal look it naturally has. Even though we can accommodate a lot of designers, we still want to keep the space elegant. It’s really an amazing space; we were so fortunate to have this opportunity to have that space, as it suits us perfectly and our concept perfectly.

The LO understood our concept to the tee, and every designer that sees this space loves it. It’s located in such a prime area, surrounded by prestigious brands and those customers are our customers since they’re going to walk past!

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Arielle Crane
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