Freddie’s Flowers is a flowery delivery service that started 4 years ago and brings seasonal, fresh flowers to customers all across the UK. It started out as an idea by founder Freddie Garland, who got his first 10k customers through door to door sales in South London, and has grown to about 55 employees with over 55,000 customers nationwide. He’s also expanded his business strategy from just a delivery service to hosting events and pop-up stores across London for widespread promotion and buzz.

The company has booked 8 pop-up stores with Storefront in the last 2 months, with plans for more. We spoke with Jake Rogers from the Freddie’s Flowers team to get more insights into the success of its pop-up spaces so far.

How the pop up idea came about:

  • In the beginning of 2019, the team started taking up short-term retail units around London to promote their services, without actually selling any flowers. The pop-ups are averaging 1-2 days in various office lobbies and storefronts, and they’re able to get a concentrated group of passersby with a creative, attention-grabbing presence.


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How they’re choosing the pop-up locations:

  • “From our door to door sales, we got to know the area and where in London our target audience is,” states Rogers, and this made it easy for them to choose which locations a short-term presence would do best in. While their central London shop was a more “diverse crowd”, their King’s Road location was more “local-focused” and they chose Chelsea since “we already have a big presence in Chelsea.” Roger also notes that while he was initially nervous to host a pop-up store in Chelsea, it’s “helped reinforce our brand in the area and we’ve even re-signed up customers and gained lots of new ones”. 

On the success of their latest storefronts:

  • “All in all it’s been very successful. The shops look nice and there’s been good interest throughout,” Rogers states. He also noted that for now they’re running a fast operation behind these pop-up stores, even opening several at the same time, and future pop-ups will have extras like flower arrangement courses. “Our strategy is to do more and more, even for longer-term. We’re always looking for new channels [to spread the word]!”


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