Bringing a breath of fresh air on le Marais last May 18 to 30th, the Clarins “Color Garden” pop-up store took over a two level space that attracted thousands of visitors with colorful scenery, and rich in surprises. Several areas were decorated with Instagrammable moments in mind: there was the “Green” zone that introduced the plant world of Clarins, the “Yellow” zone which reflected Summer, “White” for a DIY floral workshop area, “Rose” for beauty tips and “Purple” to reflect a flash of makeup.

  • The Space Concept

For a few days, Clarins invited passersby to immerse themselves in a plant universe that reflects the care it takes in manufacturing its products. A “Green” zone, for example, had been set up to make the plants used by Clarins through a film or by planting plants in the ground transparent.


  • A pop-up store with no products sold

This Pop-Up Store was not a commercial store, but a place dedicated to the experience as a communication tool. In addition to introducing new products to customers as they approach the Summer, this project has given the brand the opportunity to meet their customers to better understand their products, tastes and their expectations. It was essential to communicate effectively on their value prop, to make discovering their products simple, and to propose a unified customer journey, with a follow-up before, during and after the act of purchase. A difficult goal to reach by limiting yourself to an online experience!


  • A physical project to boost a digital presence

To erase the boundaries between the digital and the physical, this pop-up space had to have a digital DNA. Among the means used to achieve this goal, there was a gaming application. The success of the different areas of the Pop-up Store, colorful and fun, was such that visitors took a lot of photos, and promoted it on all their social networks. This greatly increased the impact of their initiative even after the pop-up store was finished.


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