Lycored Launches Its Cycle of Glow Experience With Storefront in Soho

In its commitment to pursuing holistic wellness, the team at Lycored decided to host an experiential pop-up shop for clients and media to unveil its newest skin research. Using this Storefront-powered space on Grand Street in Soho, the team wanted to clearly bring the research to life with an engaging concept and campaign.

We spoke to Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand & Marketing (Health) at Lycored to introduce the concept and the pop-up shop’s success. Here’s what Ziegler had to say:

“Beauty brands are about creating experiences that people will remember them by. Experiential pop-ups allow us to interact with consumers and share Lycored’s mission to #rethinkbeautiful. In the past year, the Lycored team has traveled to spread the word on the role ingestible skincare plays in promoting beauty from within by setting up ‘love letter stations’ in the wild to give people the opportunity to write themselves a note about what makes them beautiful.

The Lycored team sends the letters from every event back when they’re least expected, as a reminder of the positive feelings experienced at the time. Lycored strives to find new ways to grow this initiative and reach new audiences in key US categories including brand experiences to push the envelope to help with self-image and to get people to #rethinkbeautiful.

At the Lycored pop-up store [poweredby Storefront] we will also be highlighting the latest initiative in our #rethinkbeautiful campaign, a new app called littleglow, which is your guide for breaking down barriers of self-doubt and building small, inspiring moments into your everyday. In addition, we will share findings from a recently published Skin Health Study that provides insight into the effects Lycopene has on long term skin wellness.

We chose Storefront to help us find a location for our pop-up, as they are a great company and have made the process of finding a location very easy. In addition, they have a great selection of venues at various different locations. The concierge service that Storefront offers is also very helpful, as they work with you to provide anything you need and answer any questions you may have. Storefront has made this process seamless and has helped bring our vision for this pop-up to life.

Storefront: What were your goals when investing in a pop-up?

“For consumers to resonate with the idea of, and drive demand for ingestible skin care, our team had to disrupt our industry and empower consumers to challenge the traditional notions of beauty, previously defined by society. Our pop up effort is leading the charge to

  1. Educate the public on the critical role ingestible skincare plays in promoting skin health
  2. Show the warm heart beneath their hard science in fun and exciting ways including creating a conversation around our newly published study that reveals the potential of nutrition to support skincare from the inside out
  3. Create an emotional connection to ingestible skincare to support growing an emerging category.
  4. Position Lycored as a one-stop solution provider for ingestible skin health with their trade in both beauty and health categories. 
  5. Build out a space for lycopene in the ingestible skincare space.”

How did you work with Storefront to bring these goals to life?

Last month, we hosted the Cycle of Glow Experience, a pop-up exhibit in SoHo, NYC. Through this exhibit we shared both our cutting-edge research and the philosophy behind #rethinkbeautiful. Attendees were invited to partake in a carotenoid-rich juice bar, write themselves love letters, discover our Instagram-worthy installations, and try their hand at live Pops of Positivity through interactive littleglow touchscreens.

As part of the Cycle of Glow Experience, we held a VIP event for influencers, thought-leaders, and the press. At this event, our Head of Science, Karin Hermoni Ph. D., gave a presentation on newly published ingestible skincare research titled “Tomato Phytonutrients Balance UV Response: Results from a Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study.” We also met with participants from our upcoming double, blind placebo controlled study and had the opportunity to discuss with them the differences they experienced after supplementing with Lycoderm.

What results did you drive from the investment? How did you measure this? (foot traffic, boost in brand awareness etc.)

The Cycle of Glow is designed to create a H2H (human to human) connection. Each location we will bring our Cycle of Glow Pop Up to will vary on the results that we will measure. With consumer-facing events such as our effort in SoHo, we garnered 400+ people to write themselves a love letter that we will send back when they least expect it, and hundreds to download our new wellness app little glow. We will also look at media wins, and increased interest in our ingestible skincare solutions when we promote our efforts online with our industry. One constant with all the locations we will bring the Cycle of Glow Pop Up to is that we are looking for engagement and awareness impacts we make with each new audience we touch. We see our Cycle of Glow experience as the equivalent of our “Thor’s hammer” to promote the potential of nutrition to support skincare from the inside out.

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Arielle Crane
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