Inside Dogville’s SoHo ‘Pup-Up’ Experience

Last month, Dogville hosted a ‘pup-up’ experience; a unique, interactive play space for dogs and dog-lovers in New York’s buzzy SoHo neighborhood. With an indoor dog park, a ‘destroyable’ living room, a food bar for pups and a puppy spa, Dogville created an experience only for dogs, as the agency who created the concept saw a “sharp increase in spending on our furry best friends”  within the last year.

The Dogville concept was first introduced to the New York market for a month in May, with plans to take these installations and experiences to other cities, depending on the public’s (and dog’s!) reactions. Storefront spoke with Matana LePlae who leads the marketing creative strategy at A Dozen Cookies, the agency behind Dogville. 

Storefront: Can you explain a bit about how this idea came about?

Matana LePlae: I got a dog for the first time almost 2 years ago and realized there was not much to do together as an activity.

Storefront: Why did you choose that Tribeca pop-up space?

We loved the big windows up front and the flow and layout of this space!  The foot traffic is pretty great too.

Any advice for brands doing similar activations?

You either have to invest in a high-profile location or invest in marketing to people so that they’ll find you.  Either way, it takes marketing and PR to ensure your audience finds you!

What has been the customer’s reaction so far from the pop-up experience?

We’ve had phenomenal response.  People love the overall experience, how it looks and how they are able to have fun moments with their dog.

Are you looking to take this concept on the road? Where?

Yes, we’ll be in LA in the fall and then SF and possibly 2 other markets in 2020. (Stay tuned here for updates).

How are you measuring the success of this pop-up space?

New active followers, media outreach and revenue.

Video: Check out Dogville in action!  

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Arielle Crane
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