The American streetwear brand OBEY Clothing opened up a showroom in Paris last Winter for Fashion Week, through the help of Storefront. We sat down with Nicolas Sere, Obey Clothing’s Manager in France, Spain and Portugal, to talk with him about the essential things to look for when booking a showroom, whether it be in Paris or anywhere in the world!

  • The best neighborhood.

The best place to have a showroom in Paris is not necessarily in Le Marais. The right neighborhood is the one that fits your brand, and one that your customers identify with. OBEY Clothing understands this key point; according to Sere, Republique was the preferred quarter of the brand and where it ultimately chose to host a showroom in.

Since the 90s, Shepard Fairey, the creative artist of OBEY Clothing, found his inspiration in the street art movement. The brand is also known for its voice on cultural, political, and musical elements reflected in its clothing. Republique, lively and trendy, with the symbol of freedom of expression and power, is a perfect neighborhood fit for the world of the brand.

Le Marais and its surroundings are the favorite neighborhoods of Fashion Week, and it’s important to take advantage of this fashion synergy. OBEY Clothing chose Republique near Le Marais, to cash in on this energy while still being in the neighborhood that best reflects what it was trying to convey.

At Storefront, we’re committed to finding you the best neighborhood for your brand; the one that reflects your DNA, speaks to your customers, and has the best space options, so don’t hesitate to check out our worldwide options on our site!

  • The best space.

With showrooms, products are king. However, the experience you offer to prospective buyers should not be overlooked. For OBEY Clothing, it was important that the atmosphere that emerged from the showroom reflected the brand.

Pro tip: Bold frames and artwork help a showroom stand out and can complement the space nicely, whereas one with bare white walls give off a completely different vibe.)

Nicolas Sere looked for a ready-to-use layout when searching for the perfect space for the brand, so that it saved him and his team time in the setup.

Through Storefront, you’ll find thousands of spaces, empty or fully-equipped, depending on your desires. With over 10,000 spaces worldwide, it’s up to you to choose the right one for your business. OBEY Clothing opted for a bright showroom and big windows for maximum visibility. For an intimate, private space, there’s also plenty of loft spaces to choose from as well.

  • Timing is everything.

With Fashion Week comes an increase demand in showrooms around the world. Booking a space ahead of the curve will help ensure that you get the best space for your brand to stand out and get in on the action. For OBEY Clothing, the space was found in just two visits!

With Storefront’s simplified navigation, you can easily book it where ever you are in the world.

For Nicolas Sere’s team, the most valuable thing that equated to the showroom success was time and accessibility.

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