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The importance of a showroom by Oscar Tresandi at Chalayan: “where the trade is made”!

Written by Stephanie Kidder
Fashion Week is coooooming….
At Storefront, we are proud to work with the brand Chalayan founded by the British designer Hussein Chalayan, the “weaver of different worlds”. For every Fashion Weeks, and this upcoming one is no exception, Storefront finds Chalayan’s seasonal short-term showroom in Paris. We have asked Oscar Tresandi, Head of Sales at Chalayan, to tell us a bit about his Showroom experience for Fashion Week, and to give us the keys to success!


Why is a Showroom mandatory for the Fashion Week? 

It’s mandatory, because we need to have a space where show the collection in Paris during the fashion week, in order to get the most amount of customers.

Which criteria are the most important for a showroom by Chalayan? 

Location is priority, dimension is also considered, decoration needs to be very clean and minimal in order to convert the space in a showroom just in one day.

Note: Chalayan’s showroom is located in Le Marais, the most vivid place in Paris for Fashion Week. Find our Le Marais spaces on Storefront, and our favorite selection of white-boxes.


What are the barriers while looking for a showroom?

The inconvenience is the time obviously. The time you spend searching for the showroom. You need to make sure the space is suitable within the brand and vice versa.

Note: On, book a showroom in 3 clicks, all around the world, without moving from your bed!

How could you measure the impact of a showroom for the Fashion Week? 

Fashion week is where the collection are presented for the media and buyers.

The runway show is where the collection is presented but you cannot buy anything there.

The showroom is where the trade is made. Where the buyers come to the showroom to purchase orders.

What are your tips not to be overwhelmed for the Fashion Week period?

Breath, breath, and breath. Dont drink during the nights as the day after it’s probably tougher. 

Good organization is to plan everything in advance, and be aware of any unexpected situation.


What is your favorite Parisian address when you come to Paris? 

My favourite place is Cafe La Perle

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Last updated: March 21, 2019

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