Design Vintage Launches London Showroom With Storefront

Design Vintage, one of the South’s leading retailers of original vintage furniture and modern homewares, just opened its London showroom in this King’s Road space from Storefront. The showroom is occupying a stunning building which just went through a multi-million pound renovation.

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  • Inside the space

The showroom occupies over 5,000 square feet across two floors, and the space has a large, open and industrial feel. Opposite the Chelsea Town Hall and on the iconic King’s Road, the showroom is a prominent feature and addition to the area. Inside, Design Vintage will be showcasing it’s “unique collection of expertly sourced vintage furniture and hard to source items from popular homeware brands including Tine K Home, Dash & Albert, House Doctor and Bloomingville as well as smaller European brands,” says Founder Lisa Brass.

Photo: Alex Wilson Photography
  • Behind the brand

With a showroom in Chichester and now Chelsea, Design Vintage has grown from a small Brighton shop established in 2012, to a brand that has a large following both on and offline. Best known for an eclectic mix of vintage furniture, modern homewares, gifts and accessories, Design Vintage was born from founder Lisa Brass who is a self-confessed interiors obsessive. The brand is now highly sought out from loyal customers all around the globe, especially in London where there was high demand to expand here and open up shop.

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  • The London showroom opening 

Working with Storefront to secure the showroom space, Brass was excited to come to London and cater to her customers (and fans!) there. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and after the success of the Chichester showroom, our online brand and numerous requests to open a showroom in the city, it was the obvious move,” she says. While this property will showcase her entire collection, it will also be introducing a selection of new items that will be on display for the duration of the showroom’s presence in London.


Photo: Alex Wilson Photography

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Arielle Crane
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