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Classic Football Shirts Teams Up With Storefront To Launch London Pop-Up Store

Written by Arielle Crane

Classic Football Shirts is launching physical retail spaces to showcase its extensive collection. The cult football retailer has been popping up through London the last several months to much fanfare and publicity. Its most recent store – located in the Old Truman Brewery and booked through Storefront – is retailing thousands of vintage classics, including some truly unique and standout favorites.

The retailer has been around since 2006 and is a go-to shop for collectors, for both genuine originals and newer, unworn shirts. In an effort to take its football and streetwear fashion worldwide, Classic Football had been riding the World Cup wave to sell shirts all around London and even opened a NYC exhibit. The brand is now focused on expanding its retail presence in both London and Manchester.

Photo: @cfsldn Twitter

While initially intending to pop up to capitalize on the buildup before the World Cup, Classic Football Shirts extended its pop-up stores well after the tournament after the stores proved to be very successful. The stores feature shirts from all around the world, splitting into sections such as: national team, English club classic, international club and a sale section.

The Storefront-powered space is located on Dray Walk in the Old Truman Brewery and according to Classic Football Shirts, will “offer the best of the stock that the website is known for” plus “both club and international classics to training wear and more eye-catching designs from around the world that you won’t be able to find anywhere else”.

Photo: @cfsldn Twitter

The space itself is located in East London’s thriving arts and creative district, which now plays host to a bevy of world-class galleries, restaurants and retail stores. Located in the Old Truman Brewery, this pop-up store is surrounded by hundreds of retail and events spaces that draw in tons of crowds.


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Last updated: February 26, 2020

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