The Future of Men’s Pop-Up Stores Looks Bright!

To help menswear lines stand out from the crowd and reconnect with target customers who might otherwise prefer to avoid the hassle of shopping, a pop-up store offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether for launching a collection or product, during peak or seasonal retail periods, here is a quick recap of photographs that prove just how successful the pop-up format is for brands like Mackeene, PTIT CON, Louis Vuitton, Structure and Nike.

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© Mackeene

1. Mackeene: A Swimwear Pop-Up Store Perfectly Timed for the Summer Crowd

For its first pop-up store, this online premium men’s swimwear brand, whose only store is located on St. Barts, set up shop in the Etienne Marcel quarter of Paris during the month of June. It was perfect timing for a brand looking to capitalize on the lead up to a period when Parisians traditionally leave their city for summer vacation.

Top tip: Choose pop-up retail venues over inaccessible markets or permanent formats for better costs, logistics or sustainability.


2. PTIT CON: A Creative Space for Connoisseurs of Art and Self-Mockery

The brand’s name speaks volumes about its anti-establishment attitude, for PTIT CON can be loosely translated as “a**hole.” The most rebellious digital brand to take over Instagram, it opened its second pop-up store in the heart of the Parisian quarter known as Châtelet-les-Halles, running from mid-June through the end of July. On the agenda: a comfy urban space that showcases an exhibition by 20 artists who collaborated with the brand.

Top tip: Match the project to its surroundings! In addition to providing a huge amount of pedestrian traffic, Les Halles, one of the creative hubs of Paris, was just the location the brand needed to bring its scenography and themes to life.

© Louis Vuitton

3. Louis Vuitton: A Minimalist Pop-Up Store for an Eye-Catching Launch

For its line of men’s fragrances, Louis Vuitton inaugurated the “Les Parfums” pop-up store in a remarkable space: New York‘s Rockefeller Center. The interior was deliberately kept minimalistic, created simply from packages of the perfumes themselves. “Less is more!”

Top tip: For a product or collection launch, the pop-up store is an ideal format for making a lasting impression, since it allows for one-of-a-kind scenography and experiences. Here, the Louis Vuitton pop-up store was woven into the continuity of the brand’s PR strategy, an announcement made back in May about the launch of its new men’s fragrances.

© Structure

4. Structure: A Pop-Up Store for Men at Men’s Fashion Week

“Structure” is the name of a new pop-up store set up in the Le Marais district of Paris, offering some of the most sought-after pieces in men’s fashion. Supreme, Off-White, Bape… the most stunning ready-to-wear items and accessories were all in one place, much to the delight of collectors.

Top tip: Take advantage of peak or seasonal periods in a city to increase the buzz around a pop-up project. Structure, for example, made its entrance during the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, a key moment that brings together the world’s most stylish men.

5. Nike: A Unique Launch in a Customized Shipping Container

Although the pop-up concept is nothing new to a brand such as Nike, they still know how to create the element of surprise. In collaboration with the Berlin retailer Overkill, Nike customized a shipping container to celebrate the launch of its new iconic sneaker, the Nike React Element 87 (already out of stock!).

Top tip: Rent a shipping container for a totally new kind of pop-up store and work alongside a specialist to design something that is fluid, original and forceful.

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