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Event Venues Rental

Whether you’re organizing a seminar, a conference, a meeting, a charity event, or even a business dinner, Storefront has the space for all your needs. Rent a place that can accommodate a lot of people, is in a good neighborhood, and is easily customizable.

Organize your next business meeting according to your needs, whether you want it on a rooftop, business center, meeting space, in a showroom, a lounge, a house or a mansion, a restaurant, a theater, an art gallery, a creative studio etc. With Storefront, you have over 10,000 prime spaces to choose from!

If you already know the location you want – city(ies), neighborhood(s), then jump over our city list and browse our 10,000+ spaces available across 60+ cities worldwide. If you are unsure about what event area is the best fit for your brand have a look at one of our neighborhood guides, or just contact a concierge. At Storefront, we live and breathe venue rental: we’ll be happy to provide corporate clients with a free consultation! 

The cost of Event Venues

When starting your look for event space rent is not the only expense you should be considering. While it is certainly one of the most important variables, there are multiple other costs you need to factor into your budget to maximize the success of your project:

  • Insurance/security
  • Staff
  • Utilities
  • Catering
  • Event marketing
  • Equipment

Why booking your space with Storefront

We have the best selection of venues.

With more than 10,000 event venue rentals available and a community of space owners around the world, Storefront offers the perfect space for all types of events.

Each type of business event has a specific purpose. Once you define your objectives, you can peruse our platform for the most suitable space for your project’s needs. Need catering, a kitchen, a garden/patio, photo shooting services, a specific sound system or projector, insurance, large bandwidth Guest Wi FI, a DJ for your background music, security services? We take all of your requests seriously and our event managers are there to help corporate clients book a venue, every step of the way. We also have spaces all over the world to ensure that you find the right one for your special event!

Smooth bookings in less than 24 hours

In just 3 steps and in less than 24 hours, you can book the perfect space for your business party on our platform. Dont worry if you’re last-minute, we’ll take care of the rest! And under the current Covid-19 context, get peace of mind with our flexible cancelation conditions.

Creativity is your only limit

All of our spaces are customizable. Choose the venue with the right atmosphere, layout, seating capacity, furniture & equipment to make sure your business event is a success; whether it be through creative interior design, designer furniture, or natural lighting. These sleek, white spaces leave tons of room for your creativity.

Looking for a minimalist feel, or modern decor? You can design each space interior to fit your event theme!

Event venue use cases

Fundraiser party rental

Whether you want to raise money to build your business, support an association, or help a charitable cause, it’s important to book the perfect event space.

Rent the perfect pop-up location for your fundraiser with us! Your next fundraiser should stand out to attract the public and build buzz. Whether you want to organize a dinner, an auction or a cocktail party, we have the perfect spaces to fit all your needs. From lofts, to ballrooms, restaurants or unique venues, we have the best spaces for your fundraiser.

Press events and PR

PR Events are a great way to offer your clients a memorable brand experience. By hosting an event, you can easily introduce your client to key press, media, and influencers in their industry. Press-worthy events, coupled with traditional PR and social media PR strategies maximize exposure, ensure great results, and repeat clients! Choose from any one of Storefront’s top event venues, showrooms, or pop-up retail to impress your client and create a memorable branded experience.
With thousands of venues to choose from around the world, your next PR event can attract global buzz with tons of press mentions and media attention. Whether you host your event in a large Soho venue, a unique gallery space in Paris, or even in a mobile truck, we have the perfect to boost any PR campaign.

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“Storefront gave us flexibility where other platforms had minimum commitments of around one month, which was not suitable for this project”
“The Storefront platform was a really useful tool for us to find a location with quality lighting conditions, big windows and was situated in a vibrant neighbourhood. We eventually chose this location in SoHo because the neighbourhood has a design feeling. This street is super cute.”
“We had a lot of positive feedback from customers, business relations and press. Also the show up to all our events in the store and the number of Spinnin’ merchandise items that we sold tell us the Spinnin’ Records Popup Store 2018 was a great success. ”
“We were especially happy with the easy communication and responsive service we got from Storefront,” she explained. “Storefront helped us secure the type of location we needed, in good condition and centrally located.”