Before/After: 3 Pop-Up Space Transformations Around The World

Pop-up spaces are the perfect canvas for brands to use to tell their own story, launch a new product, or deliver a supreme customer experience. With every white wall and blank storefront, brands can envision a whole new world and way to showcase whatever they choose; whether it be through decorating the windows, re-painting the interiors, and building on the space: the possibilities are endless!

Storefront helps facilitate brands in finding the perfect space for their dream activation, streamlining the process and educating each renter about the space, but it’s up to the brands to choose the one that matches their specific vision. Below are 3 brands who chose the perfect Storefront space to match their short-term concept goal, whether it be to deliver a perfect in-store experience or to completely outfit the space with eye-catching colors and interior design.

  1. Brompton Junction

Brompton Junction,  the folding bike company based in London, opened its first-ever NYC retail store in the West Village. The brand has launched 12 brick-and-mortar stores globally (plus an additional pop-up store with us in Amsterdam), and is looking to drive brand awareness and increase sales just in time for New York’s bike season.

  • The challenge: to create a space where the wide range of bicycles were prominently on display
  • Decoration tip: use the wall space to line your products so the middle can stay empty and clear
  • The ‘wow’ effect: Brompton went for the entire brand experience in this shop, showcasing the bikes as well as a workshop area so it could deliver front-to-end service in the store
  • What we love: the brand completely branded the space with its logos, stand-out colors, and each corner was designed with purpose

2. Dundas London 

Showcasing a handpicked collection of Summer clothes and accessories, Dundas London chose Chelsea for its seasonal concept pop-up store. Located right on Kings Road, the space is designed to showcase its menswear collection and reflect the high-quality, sustainably sourced ethos of the brand.

  • The challenge: to create a space where the variety of brands are featured but complement each other
  • Decoration tip: keep a minimalistic vibe without the decor being too overpowering
  • The ‘wow’ effect: the brand’s customers loved how tastefully decorated the space was
  • What we love: Dundas London chose the space for a perfect mix of product display and open space to host events

3. Mon Petit Bikini

Inspired by the Summer 2018 trends, Mon Petit Bikini collaborated with blogger Noholita to launch their capsule line in a Storefront-powered pop-up store in France. With a beach vibe, the swimwear collection is featured prominently in the space, with the brand and blogger working together to outfit the space and storefront.

  • The challenge: to create a space that exudes the swimsuit of the Summer
  • Decoration tip: the use of the stickers for a personalized and fun effect for a small amount of money
  • The ‘wow’ effect: the color-coated bathing suits were perfectly arranged to stand out in the white-walled space
  • What we love: for a beach-inspired vibe, try hanging plants, and beach bags filled with products to enhance the overall effect

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