Il Bisonte is a Florentine brand which has maintained its original style and artisanship that is its trademark over the years. The brand has always had a very artistic soul, which is clearly visible in its one-of-a-kind Pop-Up Store in the heart of Paris rue Saint Roch, very close to the dynamic and iconic Rue Saint Honoré. Il Bisonte Pop-Up Store of 80 sq m opened with Storefront for the February Fashion Week and will close its doors on June 30. This Pop-Up Store is actually the third store the brand has opened in Paris, one Rue du Cherche-Midi and one Galerie Véro-Dodat. However, this special store conveys the idea of a new era for the brand: a new image!

We have met Alessandra Brazzini, Marketing Manager at Il Bisonte and we have asked her some questions about this Pop-Up Store strategy.

How could you best describe Il Bisonte?

Il Bisonte is a very unconventional brand, linked with strong values such as artisanship and craftsmanship. The founder, Wanny Di Filippo always thought about bags in a very ironic way. Every collections are very different and this time, the brand is relaunching it in a more contemporary way. An image Il Bisonte has never shown to Paris before. We hope it’s the beginning of a new era.

Why did you choose to open this 6 months Pop-Up Store as you already have 2 pretty stores in Paris ?

We wanted to give the town a new image of the brand, lighter, more contemporary. We already are in Paris, but this specific location helps us to communicate about this new era of the brand.

Why did you choose the Pop-Up Store format for this store?

It was a test actually. But it does not exclude to extend this test if we’re happy about it! The aim was really to convey a new image.

What could you say about the choice of the location: between Tuileries, Opéra and Rue Saint Honoré?

It’s a commercial strategy. We hope it will give us more visibility. The other locations we have are historical but the areas they’re in are less commercial and less fashion-oriented.

How different is the design of this Pop-Up Store compared to the other stores?

We have also restyled the other stores, therefore they’re all more modern. They have been transformed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners in Milan, which already designed our newest store in Milan, via Santo Spirito 14. We’ve worked a lot on materials (plexiglass) and colors to showcase the products and to focus on a more fashionable approach.

Are the products showcasing in the Pop-Up Store different than the products in your other stores?

In this store, we have classical products but we also have exclusive ones. We already sell the Autumn/Winter collection, in anticipation compared to the world, selling from July. Some pieces are new, some other iconic.

What’s the next steps for Il Bisonte?

We hope this store will be the first step of a better visibility in France. We also want to strengthen our presence in Asia, where we are very strong such as in Japan, but we would like to build something more here and in the US. More stores…

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