Storefront Agent Partner Program

Partner with the leading short-term retail spaces marketplace to list spaces and earn a commission


Partner with Storefront to earn more revenue

Connect your property owner clients with thousands of brands and earn a commission for every project booked

Storefront is an agent and owner-friendly, business-driven real estate solution that is revolutionizing the way companies can find the perfect space for their brand. By working with Storefront, real estate agents can supplement their usual business and generate additional revenue streams through our referral program.

We’re the leading online marketplace, offering short-term spaces in the top retail locations in the world. We have connected over 100,000 brands to the perfect space and receive over $22 million worth of requests every month.

Listing a space (or multiple spaces) with Storefront is easy and we will share the commission earned with you every time the referred space is booked.

Why partner with us?

1. Listing a space is free

We will not charge you for listing a space, or multiple spaces, on our platform. And if you’re unfamiliar with the short-term rental space, we will help you create a thoughtful offering and market your space to the right brands.

2. Earn a commission on every booking

As an agent proposing a space to us and managing the space on our platform, you will get 50% of our commission. Storefront will split its commission with you evenly on every booking made through the us.

The more spaces you list, the more commission you can earn.

3. Maximise visibility

With our help, you can increase the visibility of your client’s space. Our service provides professional photos, pricing advice, and a glowing description, to make sure everything fits our platform and what our brands are looking for.

We work with emerging and established companies, from e-commerce success stories now looking to test brick-and-mortar, to established brand testing a new market or looking to launch a new product, and can connect your space(s) with the best brands on the market.

Becoming a partner agent is easy

Anybody within the retail & real estate industry can partner with us to list spaces and start earning commission. To qualify, you need to complete the form below. We will then contact you to learn more about the space(s) and understand the type of projects you’re looking to book.
You’ll receive your fee payment within 30 days after Storefront collects the full amount from the booking.

Compensation structure

Base Rent: $25,000/month
Duration: 8 months
Total Rent: $200,000
(excluding fees and additional cost)
Referral fee: $20,000
(50% of Storefront Commission)