New York City: Where Retail Never Sleeps

Where Retail Never Sleeps

Welcome to New York. The world’s fastest, toughest and arguably most vibrant cosmopolitan city, that’s a global hub for business, fashion and food. A melting pot of culture and diversity, New York is a testing ground for brands looking to expand with a pop-up store or temporary retail venture.

They say “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” and growing international brands have proven that to be true. Temporary retail stores and pop-up shops have been on-the-rise in the Big Apple for years, and are increasing at an exponential rate. Brands from all over the world have launched new products here, testing ideas on a highly reactive and forward thinking customer base.

Top Retail Spaces To Rent in NYC

Prime Nolita Pop-Up Space

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Stunning Gallery Space in SoHo

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Stunning Retail Space on Grand

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Noteworthy NYC Neighborhoods


Inside the GRAMMAR Pop-Up Store in LES

GRAMMAR, the e-commerce brand known for its collection of crisp white shirts, opened its first pop-up store in NYC to debut 3 new styles.

Booking this space for a week’s duration, the brand created an immersive experience based on values of “simplicity, beauty, design, and sustainability” bringing in artists and experience designers to create the full effect, and showcase the styles in a simplistic way.

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Inside FILA’s First-Ever Heritage Pop-Up Store

Cementing its status as an iconic Fashion and Sports brand, Sportswear brand FILA debuted a pop-up store to honor its heritage this month in Soho, NYC.

Building out on our space on Grand Street, the brand’s main intention was to create an immersive experience where both new and existing fans could interact with FILA in real life – the first NYC retail experience for the brand in over a decade.

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Knotel Opens An Interactive Pop-Up Showroom To Showcase Its Agile HQs

Knotel, the startup that designs, builds, and operates custom workspaces for growing brands, launched a Summer pop-up showroom to display its ‘Agile HQ’ product.

Using a NoHo pop-up space as a way for prospective clients to experience the agile office spaces, Knotel created an interactive and engaging display, powered by Storefront.

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