Join Storefront's referral program and earn 10 per cent commission

Do you know of any brands that are looking for short-term retail?

Earn 10% in commission by referring them to Storefront

Storefront is the world’s largest marketplace for short-term retail spaces. Acting as a matchmaker between brands and landlords, Storefront helps brands find the perfect venue for their retail pop-up, showroom or private event.

We are always keen to grow our community and work closely with all manner of partners to do so.

Our referral program rewards partners for connecting their clients and contacts with Storefront, in a simple and easy process.

If you know someone who may be interested please complete the form at the bottom of this page. We will contact them and if a deal is completed you will receive 10 per cent of the first year’s contract value.

Why partner with us?


Make money

Storefront does the hard work for you. Once you connect us we will follow up to understand their needs. If a deal is signed you will receive 10 per cent of the contract’s value.

That’s good money for very little work.


Give your clients the best experience possible

As soon as we have their details one of our short-term retail experts will reach out to understand their needs and tailor a solution that fits them perfectly. Customer service and experience is everything to us at Storefront and this ‘white glove’ approach is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Your contact will be in good hands.


Help your clients grow

Short-term is the future of retail and delivers exceptional return on investment and return on marketing.

With over 10,000 spaces worldwide and counting, Storefront will be able to find your client the perfect space to match their strategy.

Refer a brand now!

Join the Storefront referral program today. 

When we receive your completed form we may contact you in order to better understand your situation and the nature of your relationship with the contact you have referred.

The referral program is only applicable if the client books a space within 60 days following the introduction. The space itself doesn’t have to be booked within those 60 days but the booking has to take place in that time period. For clarification, a referred contact could book a space within 60 days but scheduled for three months time. The referral agreement would still be applicable.

If the referred contact or their project are already known to Storefront – according to our records – then unfortunately the referral agreement is not applicable. If this is the case we will communicate it to you immediately.

You’ll receive your fee within 30 days following the start date of the project.

Know someone looking for short-term spaces and want to get started? Then fill in the form on the right then sit back and watch the magic happen. 

Compensation Structure

BASE RENT $25,000/mo.
DURATION 8 months
TOTAL RENT (excl. fees and additional costs) $200,000
REFERRAL FEE (20% of Storefront Commission) $20,000

Example based on a rental in the U.S.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Storefront sales process work?

Once you refer a contact, Storefront may contact them directly to determine specific location preferences and define their pop-up store project.

If we need further clarification on your situation of your relationship with the contact we may contact you first.

We will suggest to them different spaces using our online platform, connect them with retail landlords and push the deal to the finish line.

Will I remain the primary point of contact?

We want the sales process to be as inclusive and transparent as possible – meaning you may remain involved in the discussions, however, Storefront will take the lead and interact directly to select spaces, organise visits and negotiate pricing.

What are the criteria to qualify?

Anybody within the retail and real estate industry can join the Storefront Referral Program. To qualify, you need to complete the form on this page (scroll up) to introduce your client to Storefront. The referral is only applicable if the client books within 60 days of the introduction and it is not a project or a client already recorded in the Storefront database.

When will I receive my fee payment?

You’ll receive your fee payment within 30 days following the starting date of the project.

What happens if the client cancels after their booking?

Should your referred client cancel their booking before payment then no referral fee will be paid.  If already paid it will need to be returned to Storefront. But don’t worry, we’re always open to work on more projects together.