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Renting Retail Space

Retail space for rent is available in all styles, shapes & sizes. And it is obviously priced over a very large spectrum depending on foot traffic (location, location, location!). 
If you already know the location – city(ies), neighborhood(s), then jump over our city list and browse our 10,000+ spaces available across 60+ cities worldwide. If you are unsure about what retail area is the best fit for your brand have a look at one of our neighborhood guides, or just contact a concierge. At Storefront, we live and breathe retail space for hire: we’ll be happy to provide corporate clients with a free consultation! 

The cost of commercial space for rent

The cost of retail space for lease is primarily based on square footage and area (square feet / square meters). That was a cardinal truth centuries ago, and it still stands true today. On Storefront, you can find commercial space for as little as 50 USD per day, up to thousands for the most prime retail locations (We’re looking at you Times Square and the Champs Elysees). The question you must answer, then, is what can your operational budget handle? In other words, what can your brand afford?

With the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, an increasing number of brands are turning to short term / pop-up retail. You can check out how Moose Knuckles made the best of the situation and opened a pop up store in Milan, the city that was the most struck!

And the good news for brands is that while Covid-19 has severely disrupted commercial real estate, it brought great deals available and more flexible terms & lease structures. An increasing number of landlords are considering turnover-based leases, even in the most premium footfall areas! Give a shout to our concierge team to know about the latest opportunities in your preferred area.

Rent Is Not Your Only Operating Cost

When starting your look for shop space rent is not the only expense you should be considering. While real estate base rent is certainly one of the most important variables, there are multiple other costs you need to factor into your budget to maximize the success of your retail business in the long run:

  • Store fitting & build out
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment such as POS
  • Insurance
  • Staff
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Marketing

Sharing Retail Space & Emerging Brands

Another route you can consider is a concept that is gaining traction in the commercial real estate world. Same as the notion of coworking space, two or more businesses sharing a space and thus sharing the expense. On the same principle, why not share a store rental with another retail business? Just have a look at our dedicated shop share category!

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“ Our sales have also gone up [from the pop-up store], mainly because of the clothes we selected to sell that were reflective of both seasonal trends and trends in Dallas (picking the right clothes to sell is a very important part of getting a good sales number!). The 3-day event netted us at $80k.”

“ The pop-up allowed customers to develop an emotional connection with all that Huda embodies in the brand and enabled them to enter her world and physically experience it.”

“By far Storefront was the most proactive and responsive to our request for the right rental space. It wasn’t just the speed to meet our requirements. What differentiated Storefront, is that they ‘got our vision’ for our business. When Storefront told us that a staircase in Mayfair was available at a reasonable cost, we jumped at the chance”
“I just love how easy [Storefront] is. This is my first real business…and Storefront gave me a better idea of what I was getting into.”